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Beyond Menopause Nutrition

  • Running on low energy?

  • Wondering what the mood swings are all about?

  • Thinking about how to eat for better health and still be able to eat tasty food?

  • Diabetes, cardiovascular disease run in the family and you’re at risk?

  • Have gastrointestinal and digestive problems?

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Nutrition counseling sessions are offered in the Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody area in person at our office or your home, telephone or secure video-conferencing.

Individual Counseling

Various packages are offered depending on the individuals need and/or whether there is a pre-existing medical condition.

Group (8-10 People)

For those who prefer to be in a group and are interested in following a more class like structure, these sessions will be offered.


“Mindful Eating” a mindful approach to being present in the moment when eating food.

Evidence-based, tried and tested strategies to get you feeling more like yourself.

Also Offered : Nutrigenomix®

A health test of 45 genes. Learn how your genes can effect weight management, food intolerances, injury risk, nutrient metabolism, eating habits, cardio metabolic health, etc.

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