6 Week Program

6 Week Illuminate Program Includes:

One sixty (60) minute initial assessment which includes a discussion of your medical history, current eating and activity habits as well as nutrition and health goals.

An actionable plan will be collaboratively developed at the end of the 60 minute session.

2 thirty (30) minute follow up sessions to go over what went well since your last session and collaboratively adjust plan.

Tools may be provided to show you how to eat to be satisfied if this is a concern for you (at no charge).

Email communication in between appointments. (mon-fri).*

4 week subscrition for a flexible and interactive meal plan (additional fee applies) which includes:
-Weekly updated menus;
-Grocery list;
-Assistance from dietitian.

* Email info in contact page.



* Payment plans may be available upon request *

You may be covered
Have health insurance or a health spending account at work? The cost of your appointments may be covered (often up to a maximum per year). You may also claim out-of-pocket costs as medical expenses on your income tax forms, and get a deduction.